All This Will One Day Be Yours Sweethearts (Dies alles, Herzchen wird einmal dir gehören), 2012 | Sydney College of the Arts | The University of Sydney, Sydney

All This Will One Day Be Yours, Sweetheart is the encompassing title for the MFA studio and theory project. It is taken from an early one-evening only exhibition of minimal and conceptual artworks in Germany in the late 1960s. At the time, German dealer Paul Maenz ironically uses the phrase to invoke the question of "inheritance" for this generation of seminal artists. In a later essay, Maenz says the title is meant to ironically invoke the familiar scene where the "Lawrence of Arabia" figure shows his heir the vast plains, which he may one day inherit. But, in the case of Maenz, and arguably in contemporary art as well, it seems the field is all the more slippery.