DUKE Magazine, 2006 - 2009 | journal published with Raquel Welch (Caballero) - 5 issues

DUKE Magazine was a satirical pop culture, art and anti-fashion journal created by two Sydney artists, Emily Hunt and Raquel Welch (Caballero). Employing absurdist visual and written material and abusing 1970s and 1980s kitsch sources, DUKE was a spoof on traditional and current magazines.

The Magazine was self-funded to allow the co-editors complete creative freedom. The ‘Dictators’ staged large Dance-Off competitions to raise funds for printing. Issue One was released in December 2006 and Issue five in 2009. DUKE supported young, Sydney-based artists such as Agatha Gothe-Snape, Michelle Hanlin, Matthew Hopkins, The King Pins and Simon Yates.

DUKE made a significant cultural impact in Sydney during the years of its activity.