Shirthead, 1993 | curated by Hany Armanious, Mori Annexe, Sydney

Shirthead was a group exhibition curated by Hany Armanious at Mori Annexe in Sydney in 1993. Artists in the exhibition were Hany Armanious, Adam Cullen, Mikala Dwyer, Tim Schultz, Tony Schwensen, Troy Skewes, Justene Williams. The exhibition was in response to another show called Rad Scunge, curated earlier that year by Dale Frank, at Karyn Lovegrove Gallery in Melbourne. Artists in Rad Scunge were Hany Armanious, Mikala Dwyer, Justene Williams. Both exhibitions were defining moments in the Sydney art scene in the early-mid 1990s.

A feature profile on Tim Schultz in the inaugural issue of the art journal, World Art (1993), is a document of Schultz's work included in the Shirthead exhibition.