At Home with Painting | SCA Gallery | Diena Georgetti, Archie Moore, Tim Schultz , 2024 | curated by Madeleine Kelly


This exhibition explores the myriad ways of being at home with painting. Are we at home with the act of ‘painting’ (the verb), in the company of ‘Painting’ (the noun) or even constructing a kind of psychological ‘home’ through painting? Why are home and painting so emblematic of our struggles?

Painting, like home, occupies a unique position in our individual and collective psyches—as verb or noun—the promise of familiarity and comfort but perhaps too, lingering in its textures, the strange and uncanny, or even discomfort and threat. Painting can be good company too. To be at home with Painting is to explore its crystalline dimensions and these artists do just that.

Artists: Hany Armanious, Amber Boardman, Angela Brennan, Diena Georgetti, Alex Gawronski, Newell Harry, Madeleine Kelly, Spencer Lai, Archie Moore, Jahnne Pasco-White, Lisa Radford, Tim Schultz, Jelena Telecki and Rex Veal.