Narelle Jubelin’s (b. 1960, l. Madrid) research-based practice directs our attention towards fragments of larger histories. Her work furnishes evidence of complex interrelationships between the alternately dystopian and utopian stories of imperialism and modernism, demonstrating that in small things lie the analytical tools for a deeper, more probing understanding of dominant discourses. In the case of the ideals of modernism, the life-impacting fields of object design and architecture occupy her work often viewed through the lens of the social. This sense of moments taken from scenarios more vast is emphasised by her insistence upon the miniature as both a pictorial format and an ethics for production of objects. These thoughts in turn feed into observations of the flow of economic systems within which objects circulate. Her work is a conversation between grandiosity and humility motivated by the power of the miniature which in her hands often inhabits and punctuates larger architecturally-scaled installation, her self-made objects frequently exhibited alongside historically-embedded readymade ones. Jubelin’s favoured medium of hand-scaled petit point sewing (cotton thread on silk mesh) is an amalgamation of the considerations of the photographic and the painterly. 

Key exhibitions
  • Narelle Jubelin — Nalgures, 2022 | Centro Galego de arte Contemporánea | curated by Natalia Poncela López
  • Know My Name: Australian Women Artists 1900 to Now | 2020 - 2022 | National Gallery of Australia, Canberra | curated by Deborah Hart, Elspeth Pitt and Yvette Dal Pozzo
  • Narelle Jubelin | The Housing Question | Penrith Regional Gallery, 2019 | Helen Grace, Sherre DeLys, Narelle Jubelin | curated by Julie Ewington
  • Narelle Jubelin: Vision in Motion, 2012 | curated by Luke Parker and Ann Stephen | University Art Gallery, The University of Sydney
  • Narelle Jubelin: ECRU - Trading Images, 1998 | curated by Isabel Carlos | Pavilhão Branco, Institute de Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon
  • cocido y crudo, 1994 | curated by Dan Cameron | Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid
  • Trade Delivers People, 1990 | Aperto | curated by Giovanni Carandente | Venice Biennale, Venice
Key readings
  • Narelle Jubelin — Nalgures, exh. cat., Centro Galego de arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela, 2024
  • Amelia Wallin, Thoughts on modernist houses, exh. text. The Commercial, Sydney 2024
  • David Wlazlo, The Housing Question, Memo Review, 18 October 2023
  • Ann Stephen and Luke Parker, Narelle Jubelin: Vision in Motion, exh. cat. University of Sydney, 2012
  • Isabel Carlos, et al, Narelle Jubelin – ECRU, exh. cat., Pavilhão Branco, Instituto de Arte Contemporanea
    (essays by Isabel Carlos, Sean Cubitt, Juliana Engberg), Lisbon, 1999
  • Narelle Jubelin: Soft shoulder, exh. cat. Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, (essays by Juliana Engberg, Mary Jane Jacob & Russell Lewis), Chicago, 1995
  • Jo Holder and Vivien Johnson, Narelle Jubelin: Trade delivers people, exh. cat., Aperto, La Biennale di Venezia, 1990



    Albertina Print Museum, Vienna
    Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
    Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
    Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
    CAM Centro de Arte Moderna – Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon
    Monash University Art Museum, Melbourne
    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney
    Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney
    National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
    National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
    Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
    University of Wollongong Art Collection, Wollongong
    University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane

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